It’s really not about us... it’s about YOU.

Job Market Maker was built on the belief that you can always make better, smarter decisions. Everything we do has a foundation in data and analytics to make every hiring stage smart, automated and, most importantly, strategic. We believe in quality, not quantity. We are always innovating our technology to make you better, faster, smarter. To keep it simple, we’re here to help you succeed.
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We were founded in 2013

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We’re headquartered in Charleston, SC

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We eat lunch together every day

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On average, our customers double conversion rates

Our Story

  • We were founded in 2013
  • Headquartered in Charleston, SC
  • On average, our customer’s double their candidate conversion rates
  • We specialize in certain industries and know them really well
  • JMM holds a specialized workforce patent with more on the way

We Believe…

  • Science and Analytics are as necessary as air and water
  • Companies have too much Technology already. Ours integrates, complements, and enhances
  • People hire People. Machines don’t hire people, but they can help
  • Candidates should be matched with Careers, not job openings
  • Proper Education and Development opportunities should be the norm, not the exception