Bishop Gadsden

“Job Market Maker dramatically cut our costs and increased our overall hiring process efficiency.” Rhonda Vidal, Bishop Gadsden

Bishop Gadsden, a not-for-profit retirement community, believes in offering a working environment with a true sense of family and community. They are a dedicated team of over 350 employees whose daily work truly impacts the lives of whom they touch.

With such a large team, it is imperative for them to have a system that not only increases hiring efficiency, but also enables collaborative hiring.

The Problem

Bishop Gadsden utilizes Taleo, a provider of talent management solutions, to facilitate an end-to-end talent management strategy. While Taleo solved most of their hiring pain points, they still looking for solutions for distribution and candidate assessments.

They were unable to cost effectively post their job openings to a variety job boards. Distribution capabilities were not only limited, but also accomplished manually.

“Sourcing candidates was so costly,” said Rhonda Vidal, Staff Development Specialist, Bishop Gadsden. “We also weren’t able to efficiently post to all the job boards we needed to.”

In addition to sourcing difficulties, Bishop Gadsden also did not utilize any tools to aid in candidate assessments or collaborative hiring decisions.

“We decided it was time to take our hiring process to the next level,” said Vidal.

The Solution

Bishop Gadsden selected JMM’s talent acquisition solution to complement, enhance and integrate with Taleo and their other HR systems, to create an overall more efficient workflow.

“We made a point of carefully reviewing all of our options,” said Vidal. “We chose JMM because it added value and streamlined our current processes.”

Now, Bishop Gadsden has the flexibility to distribute openings to 2000+ premium, diversity, military and niche job boards, while also saving them thousands of dollars. In addition to reducing costs, JMM saves them time by completely managing this process using industry best practices. In addition to smart sourcing, they receive even more applicants due to JMM’s second to none candidate experience including mobile apply and update notifications.

Another important capability for Bishop Gadsden is the candidate assessments. JMM evaluates applicants on multiple levels. The preliminary resume assessment reviews each candidate’s profile, assessing the fit between the applicant’s experience and the job requirements. This produces a match score between the candidate and the Bishop Gadsden job opening, providing a potential initial screening process. JMM offers an even more in depth assessment in which candidates are evaluated based on 5 key determinants: location, qualification, experience, compensation and competencies.

“JMM’s assessments not only save us time, but increases our overall accuracy when selecting qualified candidates,” said Vidal.

JMM also facilitates collaborative, team hiring decisions. Using the system’s task manager, hiring team members are able to assign tasks to one another, set deadlines and complete projects, which is essential for a team of their size.  Bishop Gadsden also utilizes JMM’s interview score card to create an aggregated assessment of each candidate.

The Results

Bishop Gadsden has been utilizing JMM’s solutions for over two years. Using JMM, they smart source candidates from a multitude of job boards and are able to make overall more informed hiring decisions.

JMM integrates with their backend HR system as well as their background screening provider, Justifacts.

“JMM filled in all the missing pieces for us,” said Vidal. “With the seamless integrations, we are able to have one, cohesive talent management process.”

Through this optimized process, Bishop Gadsden has been able to build an aligned, efficient workforce focused on delivering exceptional patient care.

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