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Quality Care Requires Quality People.

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JMM for Healthcare helps you find, assess and retain the right employees. Our platform easily integrates into your existing processes and systems to create a complete talent management platform.

Whether you’re an assisted living facility, home care or a hospital, JMM for Healthcare helps you build a more aligned, engaged and competent workforce.


Reduce Turnover Using Competency Models

With an industry average of about 17.5%, Healthcare faces one of the highest employee turnover rates. JMM contains over 300 healthcare competency models to help you define the job and hire the right fit. Hiring for fit helps you retain employees and reduce the cost associated with turnover.

Simplify Primary Source Verification

Minimize the time spent on accreditation audits by instantly accessing the data and information you need within JMM. For recruiting, we provide validation through competency and licensing verification assessments via JMM partner network.

Integrate and Enhance
Your Current Systems

From ATS, onboarding screening to payroll and HRIS systems, JMM can seamlessly integrate and enhance over 80+ leading HR technologies.

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Maintain Regulatory Risk & Compliance

Healthcare remains one of the most heavily monitored and regulated industries. JMM ensures you are maintaining corporate and regulatory compliance with integrated third party screening tools and instantaneous compliance reporting, including EEOC.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate time consuming administrative paperwork and manual entry, which typically result in increased costs and uncompensated care, with JMM’s seamless integration workflows. Automating your hiring process allows staff more time to focus on providing high quality patient care.

smart sourcing & tracking
Find top talent by posting to 2,000+ job boards, including college, diversity and military boards. Engage with passive candidates using social distribution. Track candidates throughout the entire hiring process.
competency models
Define the knowledge, skill and ability requirements of the job using 2,000+ competency based job templates.
candidate assessments
Filter out unqualified candidates and evaluate the fit between candidates’ skills and specified job requirements using competency based assessments. Further assess candidates with integrated verification and background checks.
recruiting analytics
Increase recruiting efficiency with a real time analytics, dashboards and customizable reports. Easily analyze key metrics and identify potential bottlenecks to fine tune your hiring process.
integrate seamlessly
From ATS, onboarding, screening to payroll and HRIS systems, JMM can seamlessly integrate and enhance over 80+ leading HR technologies.
Great Companies Use Job Market Maker
Our customers are expanding their teams smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.
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What Our Customers Say

“Job Market Maker offers an invaluable solution to one of our most pressing matters, hiring. We are now able to make even better hiring decisions, faster.”
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Christa Davis
Trident United Way

“Job Market Maker not only supports our rapid growth, but helped us define a strong process using best practices.”
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William Ferguson
Director of Manufacturing,
Scout Boats

“After evaluating numerous options, it was clear that Job Market Maker offered the complete package that would help us make the right hire efficiently and consistently.”
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Susan Gallo
Director of Human Resources, Bishop Gadsden