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“Job Market Maker not only supports our rapid growth, but helped us define a strong process using best practices.” William Ferguson, Scout Boats

Scout Boats, a manufacturer of luxury boating models, takes pride in their innovative, cutting-edge vehicles. They are a team who has earned a reputation for always delivering first in class products, in both design and quality. Having expanded this team by over double in the last year alone, they quickly discovered the need for an intelligent talent management system to automate their hiring workflow.

The Problem

Scout Boats operated off a traditional paper application system. This method was inconvenient for applicants, but also required hiring managers to manually sort through all applications to identify potential candidates. Not only was this incredibly time consuming, they would even have to discard at least 30% of applications due to illegibility.

“At the rate we were growing, we needed a more efficient way to collect and assess applications,” said William Ferguson, Director of Manufacturing, Scout Boats.

Due to the fact that all applications were processed individually by hand, Scout Boats did not possess the time or the tools necessary to collaborate on their hiring decisions.

“It was very clear to us that it was time to go digital,” said Ferguson.

The Solution

Scout Boats selected Job Market Maker’s talent management solution to fully automate and streamline their current processes. Now they have a kiosk on location, as well as an online portal, allowing applicants to submit digital applications. Candidates are now able to apply from the comfort of their own home or even during off hours. For Scout Boats, not only has this helped with organization, but has also increased the total number of applications they receive for each position.

Another important capability is the data driven matching. Job Market Maker has the ability to evaluate applicants on multiple levels. Its resume fit assessment reviews each candidate’s profile using predictive algorithms to assess the fit between the job opening and the candidate based on thousands of quantifiable data points, instead of keyword searches of resumes and job descriptions. This creates a match percentage score between each candidate and the Scout Boats job opening.

“Job Market Maker helps us identify candidates that are the best fit for us, some that may have even been overlooked,” said Ferguson.

Job Market Maker also facilitates collaborative, team hiring decisions. Using the system’s task manager, hiring team members are able to assign tasks to one another, set deadlines and complete projects. Scout Boats also takes advantage of the aggregated interview scorecard to standardize interviews and make collective decisions.

The Results

Prior to using Job Market Maker, Scout Boats manually process was time consuming and not effective. Now, they depend solely on Job Market Maker’s innovative solutions to automate their hiring process and solve their most pressing hiring needs.

“We are now able to make even better decisions, faster,” said Ferguson. “We don’t have to call and screen 100 people. In as little as 5 minutes, we can identify a potential candidate and set up an interview immediately.”

With the shift to digital applications, they have received more applicants than ever. Using the data from Job Market Maker’s analytics and reporting, Scout Boats has been able to create an overall more efficient process.


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