Trident United Way, a chapter of United Way Worldwide, has a proud history of developing community-wide initiatives. They are a catalyst for measurable community transformation through collective impact in education, financial stability, and health.

They understand that their people are the foundation of their company and seek out individuals who share their passion for community change.

The Problem

Trident United Way experienced the common pain points that organizations often suffer when trying to grow their team: sourcing, assessing and hiring qualified talent.trident united way

“We received so many job applications. We needed a way to filter out unqualified candidates before investing the time to review them,” said Christa Divis, CFO of Trident United Way.

They recognized that their existing hiring process was not only painful for candidates, but also their HR team.

“It was very clear to us that we needed to create an overall more effective and time-efficient hiring process,” said Divis.

The Solution

Trident United Way selected Job Market Maker’s talent management solution to fully streamline and revolutionize their current processes.

JMM’s prepackaged with 2,000+ job templates help them identify the skills and job functions they need for a new hire. JMM even created custom job templates in their propriety classification system to fit specific unique positions.

When it comes to sourcing candidates, JMM automatically distributes their openings to a network of more than 2,000 job boards. JMM integrated a number of non-profit specific and niche job boards to better source qualified candidates.

However, for Trident United Way, the most important capability is the data driven matching. JMM has the ability to evaluate applicants on multiple levels. Its resume fit assessment reviews each candidate’s profile using predictive algorithms to assess the fit between the job opening and the candidates based on thousands of quantifiable data points instead of keyword searches of resumes and job descriptions. This creates a match percentage score between each candidate and the Trident United Way job opening.

For assessing candidates even further, Trident United Way often requests a JMM score, which matches candidates based on 5 main factors: location, compensation, competencies, experience and qualifications. These built in assessments, along with integrated background checks and reference checks, allows Trident United Way to quickly identify top talent from their applicant pools, while saving time and resources.

The Results

Prior to using JMM, Trident United Way manually posted each job opening to individual job boards, which was time consuming and not effective. Now, they depend solely on JMM’s innovative solutions to solve all of their most pressing hiring needs.

In only four months, JMM has sourced over 900 qualified candidates across 12 job openings at Trident United Way, including VP of Marketing and Communications, Director of HR, Director of Health and many more. Also, Trident United Way has over doubled their candidate application completion rate.

They attribute the Job Market Maker team and its solution with filling immediate needs, saving the company time and money. “We are now able to make even better hiring decisions, faster,” said Divis. “JMM has really improved our hiring process, eliminating our reliance on manual efforts and making the overall process much more manageable.”

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